mix master accepted formats


how to send master mixes

You can send them on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM as data files. Do not send audio CDs unless that is the only copy you have available; in that case, make a copy before you send the disk.

You may also send files directly using any of the free services online, such as yousendit.com or transferbigfiles.com. The best way to use these services is to sign up for a free account, then send each file separately. When the service asks for an email to send the file to, enter this email address: seva (at) soundcurrent dot com.

Please specify a CD of which you like the sound in regards to EQ, comparative loudness, and other qualities. Put this information on the Project Worksheet when you send your masters.



production formats

Our Production Masters are provided as CD-DA (audio CDs), commonly called PMCDs (although not technically correct). Call or email with any questions.



A deposit of 50% of booked time is required at least one week in advance of booking. Deposit must clear the bank or be via Paypal for session to be confirmed. Full payment for services is required prior to shipping or release of PMCDs and all copies. Clearance of checks through Soundcurrent Mastering's bank is required before release of materials.

Credit Card payment is accepted via paypal to seva (at) soundcurrent.com (or just use link below). Cancellation of session less than 24 hours from booked start time results in 2-hour minimum charge. Any liabilities of Soundcurrent Mastering due to downtime for any reason will be limited to actual studio time. Masters provided to Soundcurrent Mastering are entirely the responsibility of the client; Soundcurrent assumes no liability for the masters except for replacement of equal quality blank media. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Shipping within continental US is by Fedex only, 3-day Express is $15 additional. Overnight, 2-day, or overseas services require further charges.



you can pay with credit card (no paypal account needed), or directly from your paypal account.


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