The headline is our motto, but you have to give it to Ms. Carlos for this Iron Oxide Chef joke:

If I'd known you were coming, I'd have baked a tape! --Wendy Carlos



The Studer A-80 Pre-listen machine is ideal for mastering and archival transfer work. It has an all-roller path with JRF Magnetics heads as the only non-rotating elements in the path. Our 1/4" head block has 1/2 and 1/4 track heads. The 1/2" head block is equipped with a Flux head. The machine came from A&M Mastering and was most likely used for their lathe (being one of the few Studer pre-listen machines made), and was very well taken care of. Custom playback electronics feed the Weiss ADC2 converter --absolutely our choice for the most detailed and transparent conversion-- which is recorded by Samplitude via a Lynx AES-16.


noise reduction, baking, archiving

We have Dolby A, SR, and dbx. If needed, we bake tapes (a very controlled low-temperature process) in order to enable a proper transfer of the recording. Splices are replaced, as is the leader, as required. Tapes are returned in played-off winding. Archiving of the flat transfers is provided to the client as 24bit .wav files, and if requested, with BWF tags. Sample rates from 44.1 to 192 can be provided, although present-day ABX testing shows that 44.1 is completely sufficient with a superb converter. Hence, most archiving is done at 44.1k or at 2x/4x multiple thereof.

Audio archival materials are in constant review and occasional change by many experts with vast experience. We rely on BMS/Chace to provide additional cloned archives onto the media they recommend or the client requires. These may include hard disks, DVD-ROMs, LTO, and others. There is no way to provide complete first-hand knowledge of what is needed to archive audio materials, so we rely on the Producer's and Engineer's Wing of The Recording Academy as touchstones and standards for session production and archiving.


In the interest of encouraging standards, here are links to The Recording Academy's very helpful files.

Here is the media label for CDs or DVDs being provided as masters, although it works great as a tape box label too.

My favorite pack of papers to document sessions: Session doc, what a perfect name.

Here is the short guideline to pro tools session procedures.

Here is the full guideline to pro tools session procedures.



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